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Tutorial Fields:


Listing Title – Company name, This is the Title that identifies your item on the site. Keep it brief, yet effective.

Listing Type – Type of service you provide or product you sell, Choose between different listing Types that offer varying fields and layouts specific to common listings (ex: eat & drink, healthcare, first responders, etc.)

Listing Level – different levels (Mullet, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Grand Slam (include pricing), Choose your item's Level here. Each Level can be customized to offer a different set of features for the item. 

Categories – business categories (include how many per plan), Choose the Categories that    best fit your item. Visitors will find your item easily by browsing under specific Categories.

Account - editor for business, what person or e-mail company is owned by (editor for company), This is the account that owns the item. You can change it to another account or leave your item with no ownerStatus – will remain pending until approved. Any changes will place status in pending, Activated items will be available on the results page. Pending items have just been added to the site and are awaiting approval. Expired items have gone past their renewal date without payment and lastly, you can temporarily make an items Suspended at your choosing.

Renewal Date – according to plan (will be set by admin after editing), You can manually set the Renewal Date for an items to set when the next payment is due.

Claims – only checked when no one owns company (ex: beach access, etc.), Check this box to disable the claim feature and not allow owners to claim their listing. Leave it blank if you want to allow users to claim their listing.

Summary Description – brief description of company and/or product. Not available on mullet level plans, This field is shown on the results page and briefly describes your item.

Description – Details about company. Can upload links, images, content, etc. Not available on mullet level plans, Add more details about your item on this field. This full description will be shown on the item's detail page.

Keywords for the search – use keywords that will find your business within our site, You can tag specific keywords in this field. Keywords will help users to find your item when searching on the site.

Contact Information – easy, In this section you can add all the information for your item's location and contact. The more complete, the easier it is for customers to get in touch with you.

Reference – physical reference (ex: next to post office) or site info (ex: find us at obx.live), Use this field to add a location reference for your listing. For example, two blocks from the mall.

Hours – hours of operation, use ‘closed for season’ checkbox when on vacation or store’s closed, Type the hours of work for your business here.

Promotional Code – use any promo code, will affect next billing (next payment), Have a discount or promotional code? Type it here. The item's next payment will be affected. Current 100% off all plan levels, promo code of Friends100

Images – should be 1024x768 pixels, can upload as many as according to plan (grand slam/18, blue marlin/8, white marlin/4, none for mullet), Use this box to drop and add images. You can click on a image to adjust the cropping and edit the title and description

Cover Image – should be 1920x480 (can use upsplash.com, if needed) Displayed behind pages search bar (only on grand slam & Blue marlin plans), This is a large, long horizontal image to be displayed behind the page's search bar of this specific item

Logo Image – small 96x96 pixels (not included for Mullet & white marlin plans), This is a small image to be displayed as logo image

Attach Additional File – can be any file (menu, accreditations, brochures, etc.) should have a link to file, Use this field to attach an additional file. Use it for a Menu, Product Brochure, or whatever you'd like.

Listing Badges - currently have two for restaurants (takeout & delivery), You can help your owners to promote their businesses by designating badges for them.