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OBX.Live: Doing What We Can to Keep You in Business

OBX.Live: Doing What We Can to Keep You in Business

Doing What We Can to Keep You in Business

By Linda Lauby

     One thing about Outer Bankers: We’re a resilient bunch. We’re well accustomed to dealing with nor’easters, evacuations, hurricanes, seasonal business fluctuations and population extremes. In fact, there’s a wild streak within each of us that makes us feel just a little more alive when we’re solving problems and banding together to recover from whatever impediments come our way. And that, friends, is how we’ll weather the storm of Covid-19.

OBX.Live "Buy the Outer Banks ... For the Outer Banks"

   Regardless of what industry each of us is in, we’re all doing our best to keep our employees and customers safe while protecting ourselves and our families. Of course, the decisions we’re forced to make have come with huge sacrifice and loss, and they’ve greatly decreased our ability to earn a living.

     While all of us are taking a direct hit to our bottom lines, we at OBX.Live are hoping to help soften the blow. From now through June 30th, we’re offering free advertising. Yes, you read that right: Your business is eligible for a free ad. Log onto OBX.Live and click on “Advertise” or call us at (252) 449-2222. While you’re not working in your business, this gives you the opportunity to work ON your business.

     OBX.Live aims to be the most informative, most comprehensive business directory in the region. It’s a brand-new media service offered by a group of seasoned Outer Bankers who have owned local businesses and who are very familiar with this area. You’ve probably dealt with one or more of us through the years, and we want to continue our relationships with you. If you’re unfamiliar with us, we’d like to get to know you better.

     As we all navigate this strange new landscape, please know that even though we aren’t directly interacting with you, we’re still thinking of you. We’re here to support everything you do, so if you’re currently offering delivery, curbside pick-up, or if you’re promoting products or services, let us know. If you have a virtual store and sell merchandise online or offer gift certificates, please let us know. Please e-mail us at info@obx.live with any information about your business, we’ll get it out there. We’re doing what we can to keep you in business.


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