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OBX.Live: A Comprehensive Source For The Information You Seek

OBX.Live: A Comprehensive Source For The Information You Seek

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OBX.Live: A Comprehensive Source For The Information You Seek


    In 2010, Rex Peters launched his first business app: a dot-com site promoting the Outer Banks. Prior to that, he either owned or co-owned a slew of local businesses, including The North Beach Sun and The Beach Book, both of which were advertising-driven mass-produced publications. He co-founded The Sun in 1987 and The Beach Book in 1992 with Bob Furr, proof in pages that he’s monitored the pulse of the island for more than 30 years. Now, with the assistance of other seasoned local businesspeople, he’s launched a new website and app: OBX.Live.


    Why dot-live instead of dot-com? Dot-com was once the best (nearly only) choice for a website, with “com” being short for “commercial.” It’s been around since the days when you fired up your big ole’ computer and listened to the screeches, beeps, static and pings that meant your dial-up was working on connecting Netscape Navigator. You could go and make a sandwich in the time it took to get on line. And then, once the alien birdsong had finally come to a halt, someone in your household would holler, “I need to make a phone call — get off the Internet!”


    Dot-com is as comforting as a weighted blanket, but almost as heavy. That’s why we went with a dot-LIVE site, OBX.Live.


    “Leave it to Rex, my favorite brother in-law, to bring us into the 21st century with OBX.Live!,” says team member Sue Goodrich. “From the palm of your hand, OBX.Live will give you a localized directory of all businesses that adorn our coast and keep us alive and thriving on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the place we call home. I am so happy to be part of this team!”


    For those of us who choose to live on the Outer Banks, we cram a whole lot of life into our lifestyle. Our goal at OBX.Live is to introduce you to the most current, exciting, need-to-know information that we can get our hands on, in order that you, too, can cram a whole lot of life into your lifestyle.


    We at OBX.Live feel that #YOLO = Fake News. You Only Live Once? Let’s consider that we only *die* once — in a singular, final event. But living? We’re living every moment that we’re breathing, right? Take a deep breath, log onto OBX.Live, and learn to live a little more fully.


Please don’t forget to check out our website at https://obx.live.



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