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OBX Buzz – Outer Banks Salt Cave

OBX Buzz – Outer Banks Salt Cave

Outer Banks Salt Cave in Kitty Hawk, NC

OBX Buzz – Outer Banks Salt Cave

This week the OBX Buzz paid a visit to the Outer Banks Salt Cave. I must confess I had no idea what a salt cave was and each time I passed their location in Kitty Hawk in a strip mall at milepost 4.5 on the bypass. I wondered what it was all about. Soon, I also began hearing ads on Radio Free Outer Banks and my curiosity was further piqued.


A quick phone call to RFOBX’s Greg Smrdel and I got in touch with owner Phyllis Miller and off we went, with Smrdel as our human ‘prop’ to help demonstrate the facility’s features.

In our video tour Miller explains how ins and outs of the primary room—the actual Salt Cave itself, with a floor covered in salt, meditative music in the background and an air circulation system that pumps therapeutic, pulverized salt particles into the air where your body absorbs their health benefits. It’s also a cool 71 degrees in there, a perfect respite for this summer’s extended heat waves.

Selina Martin also demonstrates the Salt Booth, where one can receive a more intense salt treatment and once again, Greg Smrdel demonstrates the experience for our cameras. A third room for private sessions is also shown.


Salt Caves are recommended by many doctors in the pulmonology field for patients with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and more serious conditions. It is also recommended by others a place for giving the mind a rest in a meditative atmosphere, or even as a general ‘detox’ solution to rid the bodies of impurities.

All of this and more is revealed in our video---so if you’ve been wondering what this new experience is all about you’ll soon have your answers! You can also find more information at the Outer Banks Salt Cave website.

Enjoy our tour and share this article and video with your friends!

Outer Banks Salt Cave


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