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It's Time To Speak Up

It's Time To Speak Up

Hi All,

Not being one to speak up in public, I feel it is time.

On March 16, I emailed our local commissioners imploring them not to close our beach, because of the economic damage that would occur if they did. The next day they went a step further and closed the bridge, not allowing anyone but locals to enter. They denied access of Non-Resident Property Owners (NRPO’s) to their private property. Our local government under the leadership of the “Control” group has gone above and beyond its authority. Denying access or prohibiting property owners from entering their private property should never happen, even in an emergency situation. I’m sure most NRPO’s purchased their property thinking in the back of their mind, this may be a safe place to come to if some kind of emergency arises. The freedom and liberties provided us in this country should make property owners top priority under our constitutional system.

Many of our transplant “locals” have been posting on social media and other forums their desire to keep the beaches closed, some indefinitely. They are a loud, very small minority that spews their ugliness and hate toward our local businesses and NRPO’s. They want to boycott any and all local retailers, vacation rental companies, hotels, restaurants etc. that want to open the beach. They accuse us of being greedy and not caring about the locals. Those of you that don’t want our beach to open have had a wonderful six weeks, it has been a dream for you, nobody is here. Your dream is to have this closure continue. Well this is what will happen if your dream comes true. Businesses go bankrupt, employees lose their jobs and foreclosure of properties. This would leave a huge void, with that void comes opportunity. Big developers will come here and buy the vacant property and next thing you know, high rise condos and hotels, chain restaurants, retail box stores. Be careful what you wish for. This should show all of you just how much our Non-Resident Property Owners mean to us.

I am Kenny Reid owner of Shoreline OBX vacation rentals and Shoreline builders. My wife and I moved to the Outer Banks in 1988, I had vacationed here as a kid as far back as I can remember. There could not be a better place to have lived, worked and raise our only child, our daughter. This is a wonderland! Owning a small vacation rental company with nine full-time employees and about thirty seasonal workers is very hard, especially now. We are doing everything possible to keep our doors open, we have not reduced hours or laid anyone off. They are my second family and I love all of them. They care very much about their jobs and keeping our business going.

Our Non-Resident Property Owners are vitally important to our community, without them the Outer Banks would not exist as it does. Second homeownership in our area whether for personal or business reasons equate to local Jobs and business. They provide the economic engine that we all rely on. Our vacation rental companies rent NRPO properties to visitors and this leads to success for all our retail shops, restaurants and many other services.

I speak for the Large silent majority in thanking all Non-Resident Property Owners for making the Outer Banks your choice to own a second home. We cannot wait to welcome you back to your homes. We are also looking forward to our many guests returning for their much-needed vacations. We need to all speak up now, we can be silent no longer. We all need our beaches to open now!

Kenny Reid

6475 N. Croatan Highway, Suite 101

Kitty Hawk, NC. 27949

252.255.0829 | Fax 252.255.1766



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